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Star Quest 2: United Galaxies

You can download the 1999 demo version from here. Just click on the line below!

Download Star Quest 2 demo of 1999

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies

A sci-fi universe for you to live your life as a citizen of the future with your friends and family.

Tentative features of the game:
  • Create a universe using your selected parameters.
  • Select your character from the universe you created and start your journey.
  • 5X game components (an RPG within a 4X game universe):
    • Experience: Live as one of the character within the universe (RPG).
    • Explore: Galaxies, systems, planets. Discover resources by scanning systems and fly around planet surfaces (scout).
    • Expand: Bring part of your group to colonize other planets and systems (building).
    • Exploit: Mine and gather resources for you or your group (mining).
    • Exterminate: Fight against enemies over territories or resources (RTS). Buy a ship or take a mercenary job to fight as a pilot (dog fight).
  • First person (with optional cockpit) or third person dog fighting.
  • Fly to other solar systems, go down to planet surfaces.
  • Command a fleet (Real-Time Strategy) of ships to protect your system and to 'drive' a ship of your fleet while the others are following your orders.
  • Wingbots to protect you while you take out the most important targets.
  • Fly against opponents on racing tracks with optional weaponry (racing).
  • Play COOP with friends and family in multiplayer.

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies video from 2013

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies video from 1999

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies images gallery

In-game screen shots from 1999 and 2013. We are working on a completely new 3D engine since then.

Progress history:

2023 Aug: Working on the teleporting system.

2023 Jul: Implementing the RTS tactical view with the fog of war.

2023 Jun: Designing user interface to support game controllers.

2023 May: Working on different planet types and their biomes.

2023 Jan: Updated the web site with tentative list of features of the game.

2022 Nov: Working on universe creation and character selection.

2022 Aug: Working on inter-solar system travel and how the new planets will be generated.

2020 Oct: Development of Star Quest 2: United Galaxies is progressing. We added different jobs like scout, miner, transport, crafter, builder, pirate to make a more living universe. So far we have mainly worked on the inner mechanics of the game so there is no screenshot to share.

Emails we received over the years:

To whom it may concern: Will this title ever be released? Thanks - I've been a fan for years. Star Quest 1 was incredible. I loved it so much when I was younger. Thanks Best, [name hidden]


Hi Paul, There haven't been any updates to the Virtual Adventures website in a long time, and I wondered if you'd given up on your last project, Star Quest 2 I've been waiting for it to come out for a long time! Best Regards, [name hidden]


Hello virtual adventures, please forgive me for using your time! I'm [name hidden], die hard space sim collector and I so happen to have a copy of both starquest 1 and stellar mercenaries among my collection, as such, when i heard about starquest 2: united galaxies, I became immediately interested... However, I realize that the website has been left unattended since 2004, as such I would like to know if possible: is development continuing on starquest 2? I thank you for your future reply and bid you good day. best regards from France. [name hidden].


Hey, This is [name hidden] and [name hidden] reporting in from '95. [name hidden] and I love Star Quest... well at least when we were younger. We are just fans saying hello and we hope that you are doing well. Thanks for creating a great game that is a slice of our childhood. Pizza delivery is some hard stuff, yo.


Hello, Will we ever see Star Quest 2? 10 years ago I bought Star Quest 1 and loved it, I really want to know if you guys are still active. Thanks! -[name hidden]


Hey there, Was digging through some old stuff in boxes and found a copy of Star Quest 1. Just wanted to say that Star Quest was probably the greatest game of its time. I must've played it everyday until I finished all the missions, tried to achieve all the medals, etc. etc. Hope you guys do well for yourselves! -[name hidden]


Hello! I'm the guy who emailed you about United Galaxies and Stellar Mercenaries some weeks ago (just in case you remember me) Well, I have hesitated a long time, if I should do it, but now I have decided to try and apply for the Beta-Test of United Galaxies, as it's one of the games I'm most eagerly awaiting (to be honest I don't even know exactly why). I'm a software engineering student, and therefore realize that Beta-Testing does not mean playing a game for the fun of it. I live in Germany, which could be a problem if you are sending out CD's, and my internet traffic is limited to 2GB/month (of which 1GB is normally unused), which could be a problem, if you aren't sending out CD's. So I don't know if this will work out, but if it does, I promise I'll do my best to help you. My current machine is an AMD Athlon XP 2000+, with 256 MB ram and a GeForce 3 Ti 200. Space Games I have played in the past are Elite, X - Beyond the Frontier, X-tension, Battlecruiser 3000AD, the X-Wing/Tie-Fighter series, Tachyon, Star Quest 1 (of course!), and possibly some more I can't remember right now. Best regards, [name hidden]


I just downloaded and played Star Quest for the first time in ~7 years. Wow. Brings back so many memories... Anyways, I was wondering how much you guys are charging for this game? I can't seem to find any info on it on the website, or anywhere else. (probly just not looking hard enough) Much appreciated! [name hidden] PS - Great game! I would like beta version of star QUest2. Is there an EDC yet for this game? How far along is it? I've been suffering Star Quest deprivation since my DOS laptop died... If the new one is NTFS-friendly, I'd love to be part of the beta.


Dear Paul. I have just received "Starquest I". Thank you very much. Please keep me informed if you release a new version. Best Regards [name hidden]


Howdy! I'm looking to buy Star Quest, and I'd like to know if you guys accept money orders as well. Excellent game, can't wait for Star Quest 2!